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Look for presentations by current and recent past members of the Peer Relations Study Group at the biennial meetings of the Society for Research in Child Development, March 19-21 in Philadelphia.

Angie Calvin, Hsun-yu Chan, and Brad Brown: “I will tell you this, not that”: Factors influencing adolescents’ strategies for disclosing information about peers to parents (Thursday, 3/19, 9:55 am)

Hsun-yu Chan, Angie Calvin, Brad Brown, & Lauren Agnew: Strategic disclosure: Peer factors influence what adolescents tell parents about friends (Thursday, 3/19, 3:50 pm)

Sonia Rivas, Jackie Nguyen, & Susie Lamborn, “I found my niche”: The role of culture and immigrant status in the search for campus belongingness among emerging adults (Thursday, 3/19, 1:55 pm)

Chia-chen Yang & Brad Brown: The rich get richer, the poor get protected: Facebook’s role in adjustment to college (Friday, 3/20, 8:30 am)

Also, Brad Brown will join Marion Underwood, Emily Weinstein, Kaveri Subrahmanyam, and Sonia Livingstone for a conversation roundtable on Adolescents and digital communication: Developmental struggles and challenges, hopes and dreams (Saturday, 3/21, 8:00 a.m.)

Heather Von Bank’s new book

Joined by co-authors Joyce Hemphill and Laura Scheinholtz, Heather has published a book based on the authors’ extensive research on children’s play. The book features activities that classroom teachers can employ to enhance young students’ skill development.

The Power of Playful Learning: The Green Edition (2014, Capstone Classroom Press).


Congratulations to Dong Liu!

Congratulations to Dong Liu for completing his dissertation and graduating with a Ph.D! Dong Liu has also been appointed as an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Remin University of China! Good luck on your future endeavors!